Own a better suit, no sweat.

Stretch Wool combines classic craftsmanship, premium fabrics, and added stretch without compromising on breathability.

  • Easy meets breezy.

    For comfort in all seasons and all situations, we use breathable yet insulating merino wool. And unlike cheap suit fabrics, it’s naturally wrinkle-resistant.

  • Stay flexible.

    Spandex brings the “stretch” to Stretch Wool, adding durability where it counts. If you don’t need a little extra stretch on the dance floor, are you actually dancing?

  • Better fit, inside & out. 

    Quality 101: Cheap suits are glued together (really), and that’s not super. Ours have a stitched half canvas construction for a better, more natural fit.

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Meet the starting lineup.

Stretch Wool
Black Suit

Edgy vibe meets cozy fabric—perfect for your low-key big night out.

BUY FOR $275

Stretch Wool
Navy Suit

A return-to-office suit designed to stretch beyond your 9-5.

BUY FOR $275

Stretch Wool
Peak Lapel Tuxedo

For that last-minute wedding invite, with the flexibility to RSVP “yes.”

BUY FOR $275

 End the cheap suit era.

Fast fashion was never meant to last. Get a thoughtfully-crafted suit to wear on repeat for years to come for just $275.